A Church Where. . .

Each generation reaches into its own generation, up to the one ahead and back to the one behind – because we understand we can do more together than we ever could apart.

Worship is heartfelt, passionate, and seeks to connect people to the heart of God.

People sense that they are valued the moment they step onto the property – because we are expecting them and go out of our way to love them like Jesus does.

Kid’s ministry is so fun and engaging that kids go home and ask their parents if they can make this their church after their first visit.

The preaching is practical, relevant and life changing because its ultimate goal is to encourage people forward in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We embrace Biblical stewardship in order to fund the salvation of the earth.

We aren’t afraid to fail because we understand that’s the best way to learn.

The ultimate goal of its leaders is to work themselves out of a job because they’ve developed those around them.

Generationz. . .

Generationz that fully understand and embrace the grace of Jesus Christ and extend that grace to a lost and dying world around them.
Generationz that live with their hearts and eyes wide open, seeking out opportunities to serve those around them in the same manner as Jesus would.
Generationz that will do anything short of sin to reach people far from God.
Generationz that understand the urgency of this message, and will not settle for the status quo.
Generationz that embrace discomfort in order to grow to their full potential in Christ. After all, comfort is comfortable because it’s familiar and we can’t change our world if we stay where we are. If we want something we’ve never had, we have to do things we’ve never done.
Generationz that love their neighbors where they are and to where God wants them to be, being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

We are excited to announce that we are launching Generationz Church to Change Our World with the Grace, Power and Love of Christ!

As many of you know, we have a passion to reach a Generation far from God. This is a vision we can both look back on and see its formation begin at the intersection of our lives. And since that time we believe God has led us not on a winding, un-planned path, but rather a direct path preparing us to reach Generationz with the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. Through every season God has been training us, and refining us for this mission. NOW IT’S TIME to trust Him and take this step of faith.

Did you know there is a rapidly rising religious affiliation that is growing at unprecedented speed? This religious affiliation was at only 4% of the population in 1992, by the year 2006 it had grown to 12% and by 2012 it reach nearly 20%. Understand this was five years ago and it’s estimated to be well into the 30% range today.

Want to know what it is? It is the religious affiliation of None. These are the people who when asked about their religious affiliation would check the box None. None, no longer means no category, but is a category in an of itself.

This reminds me of Judges 2:10 – following Joshua’s generation which reads, “After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them, who did not know the LORD nor the work which He had done for Israel.”

This is our burden. To us, it’s more than a dream – it’s a calling, and we believe this is the reason God has placed us TOGETHER on this earth. There is a generation at stake, and somebody has got to do something and it might as well be us.

Times and Location

Sunday Mornings: 9:45 –  Coffee | 10:15 – Worship
5960 East Lake Parkway, McDonough, GA 30253